Hello Potential US Armed Forces Canidates

We hope you found this website in hopes of passing the ASVAB examination. The ASVAB test which when prepared properly becomes passable. Right now we our working as fast as we can to produce the type of content you can utilize to help you pass all 9 phases of the test. Those 9 phases are listed below:

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  • Verbal Expression
  • Mechanical Comprehension
  • Arithmetic Reasoning
  • Word Knowledge
  • Paragraph Comprehension
  • Electronics Information
  • Automotive and Shop Information
  • Assembling Objects
  • Mathematics Knowledge


You will find in the coming months, all kinds of information you can begin using to help you pass the ASVAB, we may even include a practice test. We feel it’s our duty to help men and woman pass this test so they can enlist and join the exclusive US Armed Forces. It doesn’t matter if you wish to join the Army, Navy, Marines or the Air Force.

We will get the information you need to ensure not only passable grades, but high marks as well.

Please come back often as this website becomes loaded with information to help you along. It will take us a few weeks, but all the sections should be up by the end of September and you will have all the sources you need to pass this examination.

How to Study for the ASVAB

As you know, most 10,11, and 12th graders may take this test when in high school, if they plan on enlisting in one of the four branches of armed services.  Some high school students were led to believe a passing grade would automatically enlist them into a branch of the military. I think it’s a urban legend, because it’s simply not true. But you do have to pass this test if you ever want to enlist, which became the driving force behind this website.

You can learn more about the ASVAB by visiting the Wikipedia page or click this link to get help with the ASVAB Exams.

Now that you have begun to read our content and understand the jist of this website, please come back often and visit. I believe once all our content evolves and becomes available, you will get the required assistance you need to pass the test.